The Walking Leader Series

The Walking Leader series of books consists of three books: “The Walking Leader”, “Great To Follow” and “We, The Team”.

The Walking Leader series is strictly based on known leadership principles and common sense with focus on being a leader, a follower, and a member of a team. The idea behind the Walking Leader and two other books in the series revolves around the concept of Managing By Walking Around (MBWA).

I have always believed the idea behind MBWA is not only fantastic but exactly what every organization needs. However, when it came time to launch my own MBWA adventure, I discovered there were no rules, procedures nor guidelines to help a burgeoning manager or leader take the reins of leadership and succeed. While I was hard pressed to find anyone that was not stumbling and fumbling while walking around, myself included. I did find that by having a base to go by made things a little easier for me and I believe it will do the same for you and others like you that need the a little help (or kick in the pants).

The Books Of The Walking Leader Series

THE WALKING LEADER (ISBN: 978-1492120063)

The 20 Rules You Can Follow Now To Guide You Down The Path Of Leadership Greatness In Your Organization.

If you have been in the business world for more than five minutes you know just how important it is to get out from behind your desk and start walking.

Walking around the organization is the only true way to know how things are going.

Many years ago, I was told the following story, which, they say, has been floating around since World War II:

While U.S. Army General George S. Patton was holding a press conference, one reporter made the mistake of asking the general how the war was going. Without missing a beat and in true Patton form, it is said the general responded: “If you want to know how the war is going, go to where the bullets are flying.”

This is such a great story, and terrific advice to any manager and leader. No matter what industry you find yourself working in, the only way for anyone to get a first-hand account of how things are going is to get out where things are happening. Walk among and talk with the men and women of the organization, especially those who are not in your department or area of responsibility.

Over the years, many great business leaders, professional, authors and countless other told us that it was the right thing to do. However, what they failed to tell us was how to go out there and walk around. All they ever said was get out and do it.

So I decided enough is enough and I put together 20 rules that anyone can follow. These 20 rules were designed to be easily put into use and modified to suit your particular situation and needs. Then again, you might not need all the rules or you may need more. Thus, the Walking Leader gives you a base to start from and grow with.

The Twenty Rules of the Walking Leader: 1. Do it to everyone. 2. Do it all the time 3. Go by yourself. 4. Do not circumvent any manager, ever! 5. Ask questions. 6. Look…Listen…Learn 7. Share well with others 8. Try out their work 9. Bring good news 10. Catch them in the act of doing something right 11. Correct On The Spot 12. Make Sure It’s Not All Business 13. You Are Not A Spy 14. Employees Must Know You Are Available 15. Solicit And Act On Suggestions 16. Promote Others To Do The Same 17. Be Visible 18. Be Genuine and Be Authentic 19. Be Patient 20. Have Fun!

GREAT TO FOLLOW (ISBN: 978-1508625940)

To be a great leader you have to be a greater follower. Everyone knows that. Really, everyone should know that. Everyone should believe that.

All great leaders were once great followers. In this follow up to the WALKING LEADER, David Guerra offers future leaders 20 rules to help them become better followers and in turn become leaders that are great to follow. The twenty common sense rules are designed to get the reader actively involved with creating and shaping their future as a leader with any organization.

The 20 rules of “Great To Follow” are built from common sense with an added modern 21st Century spin. Pulling no punches with the rules, David offers a no nonsense approach to becoming the follower any organization will quickly promote to the level of leader with minimal push-back or resistance.

The 20 Rules of Great To Follow: 1. You Know Nothing 2. Know Your Role 3. Expect To Be Held Accountable 4. Ask Questions 5. Get To Know The Good Veterans 6. Watch Out For The Cranky Old Timers 7. Continue Your Education 8. Get A Mentor 9. You Are Who You Hang Out With 10. Stay Visible 11. Volunteer But Don’t Look Like You Are Volunteering 12. Demand The Best From Your Superiors 13. You Are Not A Spy 14. Take That Extra Step 15. Know Your Co-Workers 16. Share With Others 17. Evaluate Yourself Constantly 18. Bring More To The Company Buffet Than Just Your Appetite 19. Be Patient 20. Have Fun


WE, THE TEAM (coming soon)