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The WalkingLeader(dot)com is for LEADERS that recognize we are in a world that is ever changing. The world is changing so fast that sometimes the person we are when we wake up is not the same person we are when we go to bed. Yes, these unwritten, unfolding times call for change to begin within us. Now is the time for anyone and everyone that ever had something to say or wanted to do something, to step in and step up to stand out. We need to find the answers that will take us to a place higher in integrity, grit, commitment, and dedication.

We Have A Problem. A Leadership Problem.
You Know, I Know, We Know That Leaders, Especially Up And Coming Leaders Are Afraid To Step In, Step Up, and Lead Because Of A Fear Of Failure. The Walking Leader Gives Those Leaders The Tools, Knowledge, And Motivation To Get Out There With Confidence, With Grit, And Become A Leader!

-David G. Guerra, M.B.A.
author “The Walking Leader”

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