The WalkingLeader(dot)com is for those leaders that recognize we are in a world that is ever changing. It changes so fast that sometimes the person we woke up as is not the same person we go to bed as. Yes, these unwritten, unfolding times call for change to begin within us. Now is the time for anyone and everyone that ever had something to say or wanted to do to step in and step up. We need to find the answers that will take us to a place higher in integrity, grit, commitment, and dedication.

Tired of trying to find answers from the people who were supposed to be my mentors, my leaders I wrote the Walking Leader. Sadly, it was not much later that I found out those those managers could hardly motivate, inspire, guide or lead needed to learn how to be followers. Being authentic leaders was the furthest thing on their mind.

Like it or not, I am not saying anything new, just the obvious. The obvious truth that continues to permeate life this very day. In a time of urgent need for true and genuine leadership, many find themselves lacking the wherewithal to lead let alone admit they need a leader.
Not giving up on finding where the true leaders are, I sought out the answers. When I found there were no true answers (or rules) to the most purest form of leadership; going out and being among those that are making things happen, I put together what I call the 20 Rules to Leadership Greatness.

Twenty common sense rules which can immediately be put into practice and twenty rules that can be always be improved. Yes, I expect the 20 Rules of the Walking Leader to be improved upon because that is what real leaders do. They are always seeking improvement. Improvement in others with first seeking improvement in themselves. The Walking Leader knows to motivate, inspire, and influence others they have to set themselves as the example. The Walking Leader is the embodiment of leading by example.

Leading By Example is the best most surefire way of becoming the leader you have always wanted to follow. Don’t you think the time has come for change? Your Change? Changing Yourself by bettering yourself?

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