Weekly Leadership Poll

Every Sunday starting September 1, 2019 and every week thereafter, a new Leadership Poll will be posted here.  The be sure to come back the following week to get the results of the previous week’s poll.

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Previous Poll Question Responses

Question Answer
Question #7: Can A Leader ever stop being a leader? Top Answer: NO!
Question #6: Are Leaders Born or Made? Top Answer: Yes, they are born leaders.
Question #5: Communication should be a top priority for all leaders? Top Answer: Yes and that’s non-negotiable.
Question #4: What is the one thing you would like to change about Leadership? Top Answer: Create better way for leaders to communicate to their followers.
Question #3: Does A Leader Always Have To Be A Manager? YES: 0%
NO: 100%
Question #2: Is A Manager Also A Leader? YES: 0%
NO: 100%
Question #1: Is there a Difference between Leading and Managing? YES: 100%
NO: 0%


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