Weekly Leadership Poll

Every Sunday starting September 1, 2019 and every week thereafter, a new Leadership Poll will be posted here.  The be sure to come back the following week to get the results of the previous week’s poll.

Previous Poll Question Responses

Question Answer
Question #7: Can A Leader ever stop being a leader? Top Answer: NO!
Question #6: Are Leaders Born or Made? Top Answer: Yes, they are born leaders.
Question #5: Communication should be a top priority for all leaders? Top Answer: Yes and that’s non-negotiable.
Question #4: What is the one thing you would like to change about Leadership? Top Answer: Create better way for leaders to communicate to their followers.
Question #3: Does A Leader Always Have To Be A Manager? YES: 0%
NO: 100%
Question #2: Is A Manager Also A Leader? YES: 0%
NO: 100%
Question #1: Is there a Difference between Leading and Managing? YES: 100%
NO: 0%


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